Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Comes Out of the Closet and Drops A Bomb About Trump

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., made it extremely clear how he felt about America’s new leader earlier this year. During an interview wi...



Cher can't resist going after Donald Trump Meryl Streep-style, at least that's the worry of Billboard Award honchos who worry her acceptance speech could become super vulgar. Sources tell

Judge Andrew Napolitano Risks Everything To DEFEND Trump

Last night, a San Francisco-based federal appeals court heard arguments from the Justice Department as they continue to try and overturn a federal judge’s order that stopped Trump’s travel b

YOU’RE FIRED! Trump Just Got BEST REVENGE EVER on Ex-CIA Chief Who Tried to Sabotage Him!

Hooooooooo-doggie! Now, it’s no surprise to anyone now that Obama’s EX-CIA Chief John Brennan HATES Donald Trump. I mean the second he left office he called our new president “Despicable” af...

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Comes Out of the Closet and Drops A Bomb About Trump

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