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Trump Jr.: We All Know Cruz Has To Bribe His Way To The Nomination

The Republican presidential frontrunner’s son, Donald Trump Jr. doesn’t think that Sen. Ted Cruz has a chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination without “bribing” Republican convention delegates.

He stated this during an inverview on CNN, when he pointed out that Sen. Cruz can’t reach the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican presidential nomination.

“Ted Cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates. That’s his game at this point,” Trump told host Jake Tapper.

Donald Trump Jr. also attempted to undermine Cruz’s general election credibility, imposing that Cruz won’t be the right choice that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney lost in 2012.

“He’s mathematically eliminated, but that’s been his game from day one because he’s not an appealing candidate to the general election voter. So he’ll try to get there, he’ll do this, he’ll lose more states than Mitt Romney, because I can’t name a single state that Mitt lost that Ted can possibly win.”

The attacks on Cruz come as the Texas senator has managed to make things more difficult for Trump to reach the 1,237 delegates that he needs to win the nomination. Trump is winning almost every major primary states like New York, but Cruz has won in states like Maine and Colorado which caused trouble for Trump.

Donald Trump is not very happy about the delegate selection process, and that is why he vowed to make a hard play for delegates by leveraging his “toys”.

“Look, nobody has better toys than I do. I can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts anywhere in the world. Doral, Mar-a Lago. I can put them in the best places in the world,” Trump said.

Source:Business Insider

Image Source: Business Insider