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Jane Sanders: Bernie will have an epic comeback

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders might be down, however he is surely not out of the race, Jane Sanders said Thursday, foreseeing that her husband would win a large number of triumphs going ahead into May and past that will keep him focused paving the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“You remember in mid-March after a string of losses, the media wrote his political obituary and we came back to win eight in a row,” she said in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” from Burlington, Vermont, adding, “So we’re expecting to do the same here.”
These remarks came a day after the Sanders campaign started laying off several campaign workers in states that voted Tuesday as opposed to having them keep focused future challenges. Sanders’ campaign stated that the cutbacks speak to a stance of shortcoming.

“It was a difficult time,” Jane Sanders said of the recent electoral defeats. “We knew that New York had 3 million independents that couldn’t vote in the closed primary and they would have had to change their party registration back in October last year.”

“Four out of the five contests that were just done last Tuesday were closed primaries again,” she continued. “The open primary, Rhode Island, we won. Connecticut, we came very, very close, and if it had been an open primary, we have no doubt we would have won. Pennsylvania, we would have come close or won.”

Concerning the way the campaign is heading she said that is “feeling good.”

“And most of the primaries going forward are open, which I think is much more democratic,” she said. “It’s also a smarter move for the Democratic Party, because if you close the primary and you only have people that have been in the Democratic Party for years, what you are doing is effectively shutting the door on the millions of people that Bernie has brought into the political process during this election. So we’re going to go forward.”

Jane Sanders shared her mind on the matter and said that it was “disappointing” that her husband hadn’t possessed the capacity to pull in more minority voters, yet said the campaign was going to put forth the defense on issues “that influence them.”

“His general bold vision for the future actually affects them disproportionately,” she argued, “because, as you say, a lot of them have lower incomes, they are concerned about the cost of higher education, and a number of the issues that Bernie puts out there.”


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