Monday, July 24, 2017
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Here’s why Sanders has such big support from Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon employees

Bernie sanders has been getting a lot of support from employees at some of the biggest tech companies, however why and how is more muddled than it appears.

The Vermont senator who is running for the Democratic nomination for president is a person who is very popular among some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, a hefty portion of whom are opening up their wallets to demonstrate their backing. As indicated by information from the Center for Responsive Politics, of the companies represented among his donors, four of the top six are some of the largest technology firms.

Employees at Google parent company Alphabet have given almost $350,000 to the Sanders campaign this race cycle. Microsoft and Apple representatives have given over $100,000 each, and workers at Amazon have contributed about $90,000. Sanders has likewise striking pulls from specialists at Intel, AT&T and EMC.

“Bernie is the only candidate for president in my entire life that reflects my values very well,” said Mark, a design engineer at Microsoft in his 50s who has given $250 to the Sanders campaign. He asked that his last name be omitted for privacy purposes. “This is kind of a no-brainer for me.”

Beside Sanders’ authentic way to deal with firearms, Mark, who is not a registered Democrat in his home condition of Washington, says that Sanders mirrors the greater part of his political perspectives on campaign account change, banks, social values, the economy and legislative issues as a rule. On the off chance that Sanders does not gain the Democratic Party’s assignment, he will probably support rival Hillary Clinton, reluctantly, however he doesn’t feel that ” she should feel entitled to all of the left-leaning votes ” and ought to need to work for them.

Mark doesn’t precisely fit the “Bernie bro” story that has dogged Sanders on the campaign trail – the possibility that the senator’s supporters are white men between the ages of 18 and 34 with an affinity for innovation and web harassing.

Mark isn’t the only one. As per a report from BuzzFeed, Sanders has outraised Clinton more than two to one among tech industry donors since the beginning of the election cycle, and since December, he has raised more every month than the previous secretary of state, with the greatest spikes in late January and early February.

The Wall Street Journal noted also that the expansion in donations to Sanders from Silicon Valley propose he is turning out the individuals who were not already making political commitments (Clinton’s raising money levels stayed relentless).

Mark declined to guess on why his associates would or would not support Sanders and pointed out that while Microsoft encourages employees to be politically dynamic, they don’t convey any orders. He did, in any case, show why he has chosen to contribute.

“When somebody reflects your values and there’s no other opportunity, some of us who have a little bit more money can be more supportive,” he said.