Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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WATCH: Putin shows who’s the boss after Russians discovered an illegal Mosque

An illegal mosque got the consideration of concerned natives that suspected that the Muslims that went there to “love” their squalid Allah were indeed plotting terrorist jihad assaults against Westerners.

Their more terrible fears were indeed affirmed and the Russians, who aren’t controlled by the liberal politically adjust junk squandered no time in doing what needs to be done.

Explosives were found inside the Muslim mosque and the bomb transfer group regarded it excessively hazardous, making it impossible to take the explosives out.

So they blew the whole damn place into smithereens!

RT reports that a police dog found a store with more than a kilogram of explosives of obscure root. Afterwards, an expert in bomb disposal said removing the explosives would be unquestionably hazardous and bomb specialists came in a water gun, a source inside Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) told RT.

The government roadway M5 passing directly before the house was hindered in both bearings and individuals were cleared from every single adjacent building.

The house was utilized for get-togethers of Salafis, devotees of a ultra-moderate development inside Sunni Islam, and it was not enlisted with the provincial Muslim group as an official place of love.

Inside the house, the FSB’s special forces detained 53 young men, at least one of whom was promoting the Islamic State terror group online.

According to an FSB source, the arrests made at the illegal prayer hall triggered a series of house raids, which helped uncover more explosives, handguns, grenades and ammo.

The same source said other known members of that particular Salafi community are currently fighting in Syria for the jihadists.

Do we really need more proof that these Muslims are on the most evil mission ever in the history of this planet?