Sunday, July 23, 2017
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New Poll: Donald Trump has a BIG lead with 56 percent nationally

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to the new poll from NBC News released Tuesday, has a huge advantage over the other candidates.

Trump enjoys 56 percent support, which is more than double the support Ted Cruz has, 22 percent. The third presidential candidate, John Kasich has 14 percent support and an additional 7 percent still remain undecited.

The real estate mogul is currently the only Republican candidate that has a real chance of winning the GOP nomination outright from a mathematical point of view, still, Cruz and Kasich are hoping one of them will get a chance to become the nominee at a contested convetion in July if Trump doesn’t acquire the needed 1,237 delegates.

According to the survey, nearly 58 percent of the Republicans and Republican-leaning voters expressed their doubt about John Kasich and they think that he should drop out of the race right now. Throughout the primary, Governor Kasich managed to win just a single state.

When it comes to Sen. Ted Cruz, nearly 40 percent think that he should fight on through the convention, 36 percent said that Cruz should drop out now, and another 23 percent said he should back down after the last primaries.

In a move intended to demonstrate that he’s in it until the end, Cruz named name previous Hewlett-Packard official Carly Fiorina as his running mate, however voters aren’t amped up for his choice. Half said they were disappointed by his declaration, and 45 percent trust he picked Fiorina in light of the fact that she’s a lady. Just 12 percent, be that as it may, trust he picked her since she’s the best veep applicant. Rather, 84 percent said he picked Fiorina in push to revive his campaign.