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[VIDEO] Megyn Kelly Puts Trump In The Right Place, Can’t Take His Sexist Comments Any More

Donald Trump’s “branding” of his presidential candidacy relies in part on the idea that he’s a bit of a tough guy. He says he will be the strong leader we need which will help us defeat our enemies and become “great” again. The problem with this is that the moment Donald is confronted by someone who isn’t going to take any of his bullsh*t, he collapses like a poorly made house of cards. Just watch the video below if you want to see him humiliated.

Megyn Kelly has had a hostile relationship with Donald Trump over the course of the Republican primary season. He’s made numerous sexist comments directed at her personally, suggesting she was being an “emotional woman” because she was on her period during a debate, calling her a “bimbo” by re-tweeting someone else who used the word against her last August, and displaying a generally misogynistic and sexist tone towards women for practically all of his campaign.

For these behaviors, plus many others too numerous to list here, he’s been unapologetic. He’s played it off every time a member of the press asked him to comment about it. He acted like it was no big deal and he didn’t really care, changing the subject every chance he got.

He seemed untouchable on this issue, right up until everything went wrong. That’s when he agreed to sit down for a one on one interview with Megyn Kelly.

Trump agreed to an extended interview with her. There were no scripts on his part, and there were no short segments of time where he could run out the clock while evading questions.

What ensued was nothing short of perfection. Trump was absolutely humiliated by the same woman he spent weeks attacking in the media, by claiming she was a bimbo, amateur, light-weight, and too emotional and hormonal to do her job. Not very strong now, are you Donald? When you see his reaction when confronted by Megyn, you’ll understand why he would be literally the weakest president in American history.

Can this please happen more to him? I think after all these years, America earned some actual entertainment at the expense of this buffoon.


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