Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Rape and Enabler Accusations Continue to Hound Bill & Hillary!

The RAPE accusations will not go away for Bill Clinton.  Donald Trump and Sean Hannity recently brought it up again on Fox News. Nor will Hillary’s silencing of a rape victim (Juanita Broaddrick) sweep it under the political rug.  Juanita said she wasn’t interested in talking about the past until she saw Hillary Clinton tweet that every survivor of sexual assault “deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

“I was staying to myself about this until she came out with that tweet, and I was flabbergasted”.  Don’t be too flabbergasted Juanita.  Remember Hillary said months ago that she cannot recall ever lying!

Of course most middle age and older voters know well about Bill the Womanizer, and his numerous affairs during public office, but Hillary has her share of blame too. Hillary defended Bill and his philandering ways and did her best to silence all the women who courageously came forward with the truth about Bill. Dolly Kyle, a retired attorney in the Little Rock, Arkansas where the Clinton’s ruled Democratic politics, says Hillary wasn’t just an “enabler” for her husband’s sexual misconduct. “She was a co-conspirator”!   Dolly would know.  She carried on an affair with Bill Clinton for 17 years during that time (1974-1991).

The main point of all this re-education to new voters of Bill & Hillary’s past has more to do with their hypocritical claim of being a champion of women’s rights than anything else. You can be assured that every time Hillary throws false accusations at Trump during the campaign, he will fire back with the truth!  What is the truth you say?  It’s Bill the accused rapist and womanizer, and Hillary the enabler of that behavior.