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Can You Tell What’s Odd About Hillary Clinton’s First Interview In A Month?

Hillary Clinton did her first media interview in a month. This fact alone is strange when the primary campaign is just now coming to a close, but viewers also noticed a major thing missing from discussion that should not be ignored.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner and presumed presidential nominee of the Democrat Party, took questions from reporters in California Monday morning. However, viewers noticed that no one asked the really important question that was on every American’s mind.

The discussion lasted less than 10 minutes with friendly reporters asking only the “easy” questions to the presidential hopeful.

One female reporter recalled a woman in the crowd at one of Hillary Clinton’s events last night leaving the venue “sobbing” over the possibility of having a female president.

“Do you feel the weight of what this means?” the reporter asked Clinton. Another reporter asked Clinton how she felt being on the cusp of becoming America’s first female president.

All of the really light-hearted and typical questions. No one got into the stuff that America wants to know, namely the former secretary of state’s email scandal and federal investigation, which was odd considering Clinton has not held a formal news conference with reporters in more than six months.

Instead, they talked about the happy stuff. The stuff that looks good on a billboard — first woman president of the United States. However, no one stopped to ask if they were getting the right woman for the job.

If they had asked the right questions, they would realize they are probably getting the wrong woman.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney, sitting as guest host on “Your World With Neil Cavuto,” hosted a panel discussion Monday with The Hill columnist A.B. Stoddard, Fox News contributor Tamara Holder, and Young America’s Foundation spokeswoman Emily Jashinsky.

The group mocked the former first lady’s “gaggle” of fawning questions, and Stoddard argued that Clinton does not want to hold a news conference with reporters because she will get asked exactly the questions most likely to interfere with her presidential bid.

Watch the whole interview here.

Source: ConservativeTribune