Thursday, December 13, 2018
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Trump Is About To Unleash Full Attacks On Hillary Clinton

With Donald Trump now focused on the general election, the presumptive GOP nominee’s camp is gearing up to launch attacks on Hillary Clinton on Monday. Trump’s intent is to give a credible argument for voters to question her trustworthiness.

Trump’s senior advisors say the speech is “all about pivoting to the general election.”

Many Republicans, however, are concerned that the billionaire will focus on Clinton’s personal life and scandals from years ago. Party leaders would rather focus on a more disciplined case: the email controversy and her actions in Benghazi. Republicans argue these two scandals deem her too irresponsible to be president.

Suffolk County, New York GOP chairman John Jay LaValle said, “There are more here-and-now things, more contemporary to what we’re now discussing, that are where he’s going to focus.”

LaValle says that if Trump remains focused on the email scandal, issues like Benghazi and her willingness to compromise national security, he will make a compelling case for voters to consider her a dangerous choice for commander in chief.

Trump has had a month-long advantage in launching attacks on his presumptive general election opponent, but has only intensified his attacks in recent weeks.

“Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into her private hedge fund,” he said.

Trump’s speech, if given on Monday, would come 11 days after Clinton’s speech that criticized his foreign policies and called him “temperamentally unfit” to be president.

Source: ConservativeFreePress