Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Watch: Former Congressman Allen West Blasts Muslim Who Confronted Him

Former Congressman Allen West was caught on video showing just how effective he is as a leader and representative of the American people.

A man allegedly representing the Council on American Islamic Relations approached West at a town hall-style meeting, waving a Quran and asking him where in the Muslim faith it was written to attack America.

“Of course it doesn’t say attack America, the book was written in the eighth or ninth century and America wasn’t around,” responded West. “There is talk about killing infidels.”

The man stood in his suit, holding his Quran, apparently agreeing with West. But he then went on to try to quote verses from the Quran, but was cut off by West who was citing the violent history of the Muslim faith.

“I’ve been on the battlefield my friend, don’t try to blow sunshine up my butt,” he said.

“You attacked the Quran!” the man responded.

“You attacked us, you attacked us,” West cried in reply.

The video was posted to YouTube in March of 2011, and the date of the event itself was not provided, but it’s still an awesome confrontation to watch:

West’s words and response to the violence ushered in and embraced by Islam remain as true now as when he said them over five year ago, as the recent mass shooting in Orlando proved yet again.

The words of this patriot, leader on the battlefield, and former congressman are exactly what America needs to hear during this time of crisis.

Source: ConservativeTribune