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According To Israeli Press, Orlando Shooting Was Predictable

President Obama’s tirade about the supposed futility of using the term “radical Islam” in connection with the Orlando shooting, and his plea for gun control in the U.S., made headlines in Israel on Wednesday.

Ben Hartman wrote in an analysis for the Jerusalem Post that stricter gun control laws wouldn’t have prevented the massacre in California.

“Due to Israel’s stringent gun control, the massacre of 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, would have probably been much harder to pull off for a ‘lone wolf’ terrorist like Omar Mateen, but with enough money, time, and connections, the killer could still pull it off,” Hartman wrote.

He compared the situation in Israel, where gun ownership is a privilege, not a right, with the United States where guns can be purchased without the hoops that Israelis have to go through when they aspire to buy a weapon.

In Israel, citizens who want to buy a weapon must undergo a physical and mental exam, must submit themselves to background checks and provide authorities with a security reason for carrying a weapon. The whole procedure ends with a shooting exam.

However, an Israeli citizen who wants to purchase a weapon has other options than the official procedure.

A potential terrorist can buy a homemade weapon such as the Gustav gun that is manufactured in Palestinian Arab workshops in the so-called West Bank (Judea and Samaria). This was the type of gun the two Palestinian Arab terrorists from the Hebron area used during last week’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that killed four people.

Another route is to buy a weapon on the black market. Those weapons are often stolen from the IDF or the security forces in Israel and are sold for exorbitant prices.

Hartman came to the conclusion that the Israeli type of gun control has not prevented terror attacks but nevertheless thinks that nobody in Israel would want to implement the American system.

“Israeli gun control hasn’t eliminated firearm deaths – especially not in the Arab sector where they are possibly the greatest menace affecting the public. Nonetheless, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who works in Israeli law enforcement – or cares about public safety – who would want to implement the lack of gun control that the U.S. is known for,” Hartman concluded.

The Hebrew-language press in Israel also continued to ridicule Obama over his refusal to use the term “radical Islam” in relation to the recent terrorist attacks on American soil.

Israel Hayom, the largest newspaper in Israel, published a cartoon that showed a beaten-up Obama with the words Boston, Orlando and San Bernadino on his bruised eyes while the president says, “I don’t see radical Islamism.”

Israel HaYom columnist Ephraim Herrera wrote that the Orlando ISIS attack was entirely predictable and that Obama’s stubborn refusal to call a spade a spade has contributed to the current situation in the U.S. where 15 percent of Muslims under the age of 30 support suicide bombings.

“As long as the West refuses to call a spade a spade there is only a slim chance it will do what needs to be done,” Herrera wrote.

“If there is nothing wrong in Islamic teachings, the mosques will continue to preach hatred of Jews and Christians, jihad and the obligation to impose Islam on the world,” the Israel Hayom columnist concluded.

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