Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Big Media Gets Caught Trying To Boost Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, the liberal media networks have been crowing lately about a succession of polls showing a growing lead for presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over a slumping presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

While many would simply chalk that up to Clinton receiving a “bounce” after obtaining the title “presumptive nominee,” it could also be viewed as a result of the near-constant dog-piling on Trump that the media, Democrats and even fellow Republicans have been engaged in.

However, there was another explanation for why Clinton was suddenly doing so much better in the polls than Trump, and it has the liberal networks’ fingerprints all over it.

A piece in the American Thinker recently looked at a CBS poll that showed Clinton with a 6-point lead over Trump. A quick look at the sampling for that poll, however, revealed an anomaly that seemed to weight the poll in the Democrat’s favor.

The poll claimed that 28 percent of respondents identified as Republicans, while 35 percent claimed to be Democrats. But other nationwide polling shows that the split between Democrats and Republicans was actually fairly even, meaning if the oversampling of Democrats in the CBS poll were removed and the polls aligned more accurately, the two candidates would be in a virtual tie.

Likewise, the U.K. Daily Mail took a close look at a recent NBC/Surveymonkey poll that had Clinton leading Trump by 7 points.

This poll also oversampled Democrats by a margin of –shock of shocks! — about 7 points, once again propping up her support through manipulated poll results.

Hillary Clinton may very well hold a legitimate lead over Trump, but it quite likely isn’t near as big as the media would like you to believe.

Truth be told, barring some unforeseen major event that could swing the electorate decisively one way or another, this race will remain close to a dead heat until Election Day, and then it may likely be largely a matter of which candidate does a better job of getting voters to the polls.

Source: ConservativeTribune