Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Watch: Vladimir Putin Warns Of “Great Danger” – Potential World War 3

There are many horrible things going on in the United States, but we all remain so distracted that we are not getting any real news in. Recently, Vladimir Putin had some horrifying things to say that would e×ect the world as we know it.

The United States Anti-missile defense systems being installed near Russia’s borders can be “inconspicuously” transformed into o×ensive weapons, Vladimir Putin said, adding that he knows year by year how Washington will develop its missile program.

“The missiles are put into a capsule used for launches of sea-based Tomahawk missiles. Now they are placing their antimissiles there, which are capable of engaging a target at a distance of up to 500 kilometers [310 miles]. But technologies are developing, and we know around what year the Americans will get a new missile, which will have a range, not of 500 kilometers, but 1,000, and then even more – and from that moment they will start threatening our nuclear capability.”

Putin also goes on to explain the chess game that is going on behind the scenes and how the U.S. government is doing everything they possibly can to ensure their citizens are oblivious to actual things that are going on. I mentioned that earlier, we are all being distracted by the latest Television show, political scandal, or Game.

“We know year by year what will happen, and they know that we know,” he said, adding that Western officials “pull the wool over [their news outlets] eyes,” who in turn misinform their audiences.

According to Putin, the main problem is that the people do not comprehend how dangerous the situation is becoming. “The world is being pulled into a completely new dimension, while [Washington] pretends that nothing’s happening,” Putin said. He claims that he has been trying to reach out to them, but it is all in vain.

“They say [the missile systems] are part of their defense capability, and are not offensive, that these systems are aimed at protecting them from aggression. It’s not true,” Putin told the journalists, adding that “strategic ballistic missile defense is part of an offensive strategic capability, [and] functions in conjunction with an aggressive missile strike system.”

America is doing the same thing to China as well, holding major war drills that will amount to nothing but trouble.