Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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42 Helicopters Missing in Turkey – Will There Be a Second Coup?

At least 42 helicopters have gone missing from Turkey’s military inventory in the wake of the failed coup attempt on Friday, causing concern that there may be another attempt on the way.

Unrest continues in Turkey in the wake of Friday’s failed coup attempt that left at least 265 dead and 2,000 wounded, most of whom were civilians answering the call of the President to put down the coup attempt.

The Turkish government says that they still retain full control of the government and has begun a “systematic purge of the military.” The Saturday after the failed coup attempt the government rounded up over 6,000 individuals who will face prosecution under the country’s treason laws with President Erdogan refusing to rule out applying a death sentence to traitors.

NATO also maintains roughly 90 tactical nuclear weapons at the Incirlik Air Base, from where the 42 helicopters have gone missing, causing concern about the security of U.S. weapons in Turkey and raising the specter that terrorists may ultimately be able to get their hands on advanced weaponry or potentially a nuclear bomb.