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Here’s How Trump Will Pick His Cabinet Members

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump intends to revolutionize the process of picking cabinet members by choosing them not from government elites but rather from outside the Washington, D.C., beltway — and perhaps even from private industry.

“If we’re going to have the biggest deals in the world, which are trade deals, why not have the best guys negotiate this?” Trump’s son, Eric, rhetorically asked The Hill.

“Why not have the Carl Icahns or the top guys of Wall Street?” he continued. “It’s why they’re worth millions and billions of dollars. It’s because they’re tough and they’re shrewd.”

… unlike the vast majority of cohorts in the Obama administration, who seem softer than marshmallows. Hint: John Kerry, John Kirby and Jeh Johnson, among others.

“You’ll probably see a lot of people who are outside traditional Washington, D.C.,” Eric added. “The people who are in there right now haven’t exactly done this country wonders.”

Exactly. The current batch of elitist schlubs who manage the country have little real-world experience and have therefore run it right into the ground.

Change is desperately needed. What sort of change? Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson as the head of the Department of Health and Human Services, for instance — although Carson has already stated that he is not interested in a position in government.

Other possibilities include choosing energy industry mogul Harold Hamm to run the United States Department of Energy, Army Lt. Gen Michael Flynn to run the Department of Defense and Sen. Bob Corker to run the Department of State.

These are unorthodox choices, but Trump has been an unorthodox candidate from the day he announced his campaign. And wouldn’t you know it — this unconventional methodology has driven him to the very top, where he now stands proud as the GOP nominee for president.

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Source: ConservativeTribune