Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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FINAL Debate.America Has Picked Their President!

If you listen to the liberal media, you probably believe that Hillary is beating Trump. The media wants Americans to think Trump is losing because if you think there is no chance of him winning, you won’t bother to vote. Don’t fall for it.

The fact is, nearly ALL of these polls are skewed to favor Democrats. If you read the small print, you will find that the pollsters make a point to over-sample Democrats. In some polls, 50%-75% more Democrats are sampled than Republicans. This was the case for the last CNN debate poll.


Another fact the media won’t tell you is millions of Democrats have switched parties for the sole purpose of voting for Trump. To participate in a presidential poll, you have to have been with the party for at least one year. So all of these new republicans who support Trump can not be asked poll questions.

This is why online polls are so important. There is no corrupt polling group with a political agenda behind online polls, It’s open to everyone.

So here are the results from the 3rd and final presidential debate.

Washington Times– Trump 73% Hillary 9%

FOX 61– Trump 58% Hillary 38%

Drudge– Trump 75% Hillary 24%

FOX 6 Milwaukee– Trump 83% Hillary 16%

IQ Online Polls–  Trump 61% Hillary 32%

KPLC– Trump 97% Hillary 3%

Hollywood Gossip – Trump 59% Hillary 40%

JC Post– Trump 91% Hillary 8%

The Horn News– Trump 94% Hillary 5%

The Right Scoop– Trump 77% Hillary 13%