Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Hillary Tries To Hack Assange And Erase His Data, Backfires Instantly

Hillary Clinton is desperate at this point to put a round between Julian Assange’s eyes. The WikiLeaks CEO has reached rock star status over the past few months, as he continues to issue massive blows against her presidential campaign. However, Hillary recently resorted to more extreme methods to silence the infamous hacker, but it just blew up in her face and made her look incredibly foolish.

You can be pretty sure that Hillary was behind the suspected assassination attempt on Assange’s life several months ago when a masked man was caught scaling the Ecuadorian embassy wall where Assange resides. After that didn’t work, she then sent her liberal trolls after Assange, where her media attempted to do a character assassination on him, which too proved to be wildly unsuccessful.

With Assange’s ongoing pledge to deliver an “October Surprise” that will completely destroy Hillary’s presidential bid, she is frantic to do anything at this point to shut Assange’s mouth. Several weeks ago, she even had the internet at his embassy shut offas a last ditch effort, but that fell flat on its face as Assange’s team continues to drop more disturbing leaks on almost a daily basis. In the last few days remaining before the presidential election, Hillary is now employing one more tactic to permanently silence Assange, but this time, her failed antics are nothing short of hilarious.

Most people don’t realize how much of a badass Assange actually is. He’s reached god-like status among Anonymous hackers and is considered by many to be the master of all, with his incredible ability to hack whoever the hell he wants at the drop of a hat.

So when Hillary sent her team of idiots to do a hack attack attempt on Assange’s WikiLeaks servers, you can predictably guess that they were wildly unsuccessful. Assange explained Wednesday via telephone conference in Argentina that the “crazed Clinton campaign” tried to shut down the servers where all his devastating information on Hillary Clinton is being stored.

“Everyday that you publish is a day that you have the initiative in the conflict,” Assange said via telephone at a conference in Argentina on Wednesday.

Assange claimed his ongoing release “whipped up a crazed hornet’s nest atmosphere in the Hillary Clinton campaign,” leading them to attack WikiLeaks.

“They attacked our servers and attempted hacking attacks, and there is an amazing ongoing campaign where state documents were put in the UN and British courts to accuse me of being both a Russian spy and a pedophile,” he added.

Sorry, Hillary. While your success to silence your opponents over the years is quite extensive, if you plan on going toe-to-toe with the most badass hacker on the face of the planet, you and your team of morons are really going to have to step up your game if you plan on winning. Hillary just proved to the world how truly incompetent she is at accomplishing anything worthwhile.