Thursday, November 15, 2018
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BREAKING: President Obama Ready to Pardon Hillary Clinton?!?!

As we have learned from WikiLeaks, the original FBI criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton was rigged from the start. But now that it’s been re-opened, political observers are openly speculating if Obama would preemptively pardon Clinton just before the election.It has happened before in history, as President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon before he was ever charged with a crime. The decision was highly unpopular, and damaged Ford politically.

As Katie Pavlich explains in Townhall

The most important question doesn’t solely include Clinton’s fate, but how she’ll be helped by others to avoid dragging out an FBI probe. Potential charges could be looming should she win or lose the race for the White House.

President Obama has the power to pardon Clinton on the simple prospect she could be charged with a crime or handed an indictment by the FBI. Because the FBI announced in July that they were not going to indict Clinton, there was no need for a pardon to be on the table. That has since changed.

Which brings us to the question: Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?

As my colleague Ed Morrissey points out, President Gerald Ford pardoned President Richard Nixon after he resigned from the Oval Office and before he was ever officially charged with a crime. At the time of the pardon, nearly everyone knew and admitted Nixon was guilty. Ford was criticized for clearing him.

It may be a long-shot, but the uncertainty of where this FBI investigation is going may be too much pressure for the national Democrat Party to handle. Obama has the authority to pardon her, but the problem is, it would remove the argument that she’s innocent.

By cleaning up for Hillary Clinton’s crimes, Democrats could be in serious electoral trouble for decades.