Saturday, November 18, 2017
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OH MY GOD! Look At The SICK Thing Hillary Did Right Before Trump’s Victory Speech

We all heard Hillary mainstream media OBSESS over whether or not Trump would “accept the will of the people” on election night… Hillary called it “horrifying” when he simply said he would see what happened.

What the media didn’t ask was, would Hillary accept the election results? And the answer was NO! Not only did she not accept the results, but she did something unprecedented in modern political history. She sent her CAMPAIGN Chairman, John Podesta, to speak to her supporters on her behalf as she stayed back at the hotel to watch on TV. 

She wouldn’t even face her own supporters who waited HOURS to see her! Instead, she sent her campaign chairman to LIE to their faces and tell them it’s not over.

As her campaign chairman took the stage, nearly every news organization had called the election for Trump, but her campaign chairman STILL wouldn’t tell them that the race was over…So she wouldn’t accept the will of the voters, AND she lied to her own supporters!

What a horrible person! How can she SLEEP at night??

If Trump did ANYTHING like this, the media would say that the world is over and he is inciting World War 3… Just watch Hillary’s campaign chairman walk out there and LIE to her supporters to their faces:

Meanwhile Trump congratulated Hillary for a hard fought race, and he acknowledged his supporters and every single member of his campaign. SHARE this on Facebook show the world what kind of person Hillary truly is.

It’s clear America made the RIGHT CHOICE!