Thursday, November 15, 2018
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*NEW FROM WIKILEAKS URGENT: Look At The SICK Thing Obama Plans To Do Before He Leaves Office

Let’s talk about Globalism for a minute, and what it means to Americans.

It is an utter anti-American “world view”. The direct opposite of nationalism and sovereignty. It favors, open borders, free trade, and foreign aid. In a nutshell, its offspring would look a lot like Obama’s America at birth.

Now lets talk a little about what TPP is. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a multinational trade agreement that is kept hush hush. It threatens to extend restricted intellectual property laws. Which comes with 2 major problems…

1- Digital Policies that Benefit Big Corporations at the Expense of the Public

2- Lack of Transparency

Exactly what about that sounds like it should have anything to do with America and her people? NONE! NONE of it! It is completely anti-American. Every last bit of it.

Now that we have got that squared away. Guess what the big secret is that WikiLeaks so generously exposed for us?

All throughout the election Obama has been saying that TPP is going to be great for America. He believes that Mexico, Canada, and America will benefit from its’ existence…blah blah blah.

He also at the same time found humor in the idea of Trump actually becoming President. He thought…there is NO WAY. Well when you have a President so eager to change fundamentals of our nation…for example, TPP. Americans are going to be eager to keep him and his minion follower Hillary OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

So…we voted Trump in. Now Obama can’t be depending on Hillary to push TPP through.

Now word on the streets of WikiLeaks is telling us….

He’s going to do it himself. Before he leaves the White House.

Check this out:


What audacity…

I would normally be livid over something like this…however, Trump won the Presidency. I just can’t muster up enough angst to get upset over ANYTHING Obama does now…and it’s great.

Go ahead Obama, as always I’m sure you’ll do your worst.

But now… WikiLeaks+Trump= YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!