Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Terry McAuliffe:Reveals Hillary’s Political Career Likely Over!

Donald J. Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in last month’s presidential election spared America four more years of disastrous liberal policies.While Mrs. Clinton may have lost the 2016 election, many Democrats are hoping that Hillary will run for president in 2020, but one top ally just crushed the dreams of the liberal left.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe just admitted that Hillary Clinton is probably done with politics FOREVER!


During a radio interview on Thursday, McAuliffe admitted that Clinton’s public career is likely over:

I’ve had many conversations with the Clinton family. We’re friends. It’s hard, very tough. I think on Election Day everybody felt pretty good. I think the Trump campaign thought they were gonna lose. And you know, this is what happens in elections. I don’t think Hillary has any interest in running again. I’ll let her speak for herself. I haven’t asked her that. I think the president’s probably going to go back, working on all the good deeds he’s done before in helping people around the globe. You know, there are elections. We’ve got to move forward.

Since her crushing defeat last month, Clinton has kept a low profile making only two public appearances, once at her concession speech and another to present an award at a UNICEF event.