Thursday, November 15, 2018
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BREAKING: Dems Introduce New Law to Try to Get Trump IMPEACHED… Spread This Everywhere

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has long been one of President-elect Donald Trump’s most outspoken critics. Now she and other leading Senate Democrats have begun seeking to put legislation into effect that would force Trump to divest himself of any money that could possibly become a conflict of interest and put all of that money in a blind trust, according to Slate.

It’s an attempt to impeach Trump being crafted even before the man takes office.

As Warren’s fact sheet showed, according to The Hill, “The bill would also consider any violation by Trump of conflict of interest or ethics laws a ‘high crime or misdemeanor under the impeachment clause of the U.S. Constitution.’”

“The American people deserve to know that the president of the United States is working to do what’s best for the country — not using his office to do what’s best for himself and his businesses,” Warren said, according to The Hill.

The legislation being proposed was specifically crafted to target Donald Trump. Not only that, but this legislation was clearly doomed from the start: It has to pass both a GOP-controlled House and Senate.

That means not only is this bill worthless, but those who are crafting the bill are just doing it to make a statement — a statement they conspicuously didn’t make when Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton came under scrutiny for her alleged conflicts of interest while heading the State Department.

“President-elect Trump’s financial entanglements are unprecedented in American history, and the American people are still waiting to hear what steps he will take before January 20 to guard against conflicts of interest and corruption in his administration,” Sen. Richard Durbin told The Washington Post.

“Just this week, the president-elect cancelled a scheduled announcement about severing his business ties, taking time instead to meet with Kanye West,” Durbin continued. “The American people deserve to know that their president is putting the United States’ interests before his own, his family’s or that of any foreign government.”

How are these people still in office?

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