Saturday, November 18, 2017


Campaign promises are almost their own punchlines in America. More people have certainly seen Bigfoot, believe themselves abducted by aliens, and even think that the world is flat than people who believe in campaign promises. Perhaps that is why so many on the left side of the political spectrum just can’t seem to understand that what Donald Trump was vowing to do on the campaign trail was 100% what he was planning to do once in office, and he is.

This is no shock to anyone who was a common visitor to Trump’s website in the lead up to the November election. While the media was in full lying frenzy claiming that Trump was all ideas and no substance or specifics, they were not logging onto his page which offered both.

Since the average lefty did not ever bother to even really listen to a whole Donald Trump speech, much less go to his page, said leftie and most of the equally uninformed mainstream media are seeing Trump’s recent move to bolster and revive the military as a preparation for war.

Since Trump first tossed his name into the hat the Democrats have tried to create the thoroughly false narrative that Trump wants to start a war – a nuclear war if at all possible – because we all know that the president is motivated by vaporizing his prized hotels and his beloved family in a hellish ball of fire.

The facts are quite different, for a while Trump did promise to give some lavish spending towards the armed forces, “new beautiful equipment, new beautiful planes,” etc, he has also declared only one target. The barrels are pointed towards ISIS, just as he had promised that they would be when running to defeat Hillary Clinton. Trump has not taken the bait of Iran nor of North Korea who have tried to force Trump into a war before he has even finished learning his way around the White House. Surely if they attack or keep pushing they could see some downright tempestuous wrath, but this is not something savored by Trump, as the media suggests.

We will make a historic financial investment in the armed forces of the United States and show the entire world that America stands with those who stand in defense of freedom,” said Trump at Tampa’s MacDill Air Force, hardly the pointed words of war that one would expect from one who is so often slandered as a modern day Adolph Hitler.

He went on that “Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland,” and also mentioned the “dishonest press” is not covering the violence that is completely destroying the European Union. The president has been working to expose how the motives of those in the media can not be truthful about the EU attacks because it proves the right side of the isle correct on this matter beyond all reason or debate.

He was speaking to the soldiers when he was thanking them for the 60% turnout that the military showed on election day for him during the speech. Trump also was encouraging those that had planned not to re-enlist to do so promising, “Come on; you have to stay, You’ll like it better with me.” Considering the sad state that the military was in under Obama, considering that both Bush and Obama sent our forces into every hellish environment for almost nothing since the day that the towers were allowed to be attacked, chances are it is another promise that he can keep.

Trump seems focussed with laser precision to bring ISIS to a fall which is not only a moral obligation at this point, but also something that could really help unify both sides since most on the left don’t yet support ISIS nor sharia fully. He also clarified his stance on NATO, a group that is not only doing a terrible job at keeping peace in the world, but is not paying for the many endeavors that America gets dragged into by being a member, either. Americas president even talked about how he is battling to keep his rather even minded brief 120 travel ban in place until better vetting can be assured.

We strongly support NATO; we only ask that all of the NATO members make their full and proper contributions to the NATO alliance, which many of them have not been doing — many of them have not been even close,” said Trump. It is quite refreshing to see an American president who does not want to see America used as a grunt and cannon fodder for every nation on the planet without even being sure that when our boys and girls come home that they have an economy to return to. This is not something that other leaders worry about, or even usually our own leaders because they are not and have not been “America first” minded. We have been betrayed for decades by those that JFK died warning us about.

Trump is already making the kind of amazing deals that he promised by getting the price of the F-35 fighter jet to come down in price. This he accomplished by arguing and insisting upon a better and fairer treatment from the greed of Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Again, Lockheed Martin and Boeing has long been an enemy of the left, yet Trump gets no credit for stopping the waste from the often hated war machine. Not one leftist rag has even taken the time nor displayed the honesty to point this out.

Thankfully, Donald Trump does not need even the deserved praise that he should get for certain reasons from the left because he is committed to serving those who’s opinion he does cherish, that of the American patriot who supported him. He seems driven to make America as great as he has always said that he would. With ISIS sawing the heads of off every non-sharia person in arms reach and major nations like China and Russia hinting at attacks, there is no more prudent time for Trump to secure our peace by ensuring our strength. To do anything less is to allow the loss of reputation and respect for America that Bush and Obama have sickened us with for years to continue.