Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Council on American Islamic Relations-Is Terror Group,They Are Bad for America

We should have known it was CAIR all along. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, has been identified as the ring leaders behind the protests that hit American airports after Trump’s immigration ban.

They are also behind some of the lawsuits designed to cripple Trump’s agenda to keep American safe from radical Islam.

CAIR is considered a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates. They have been accused of funding terror group Hamas. And have long standing direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – another terror group.

Now a high ranking republican has finally come forward and publicly called CAIR a terrorist organization. This is a potential game changer for the group.

Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel, sent a Twitter message Wednesday declaring CAIR “is Hamas.”

The caption read: “If Council on American Islamic Relations is for it, it is probably bad for America. What a horrible organization.”

A day later, he said on Twitter that CAIR also had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

look, CAIR’s agenda is not America’s agenda. Their agenda is the Islamization of America and the west, not assimilation. They would have radical Islam brought here and expanded.

They are behind the chaos and the protests and the lawsuits – and they admit it. They have been all over social media urging people to join the protests. Major media outlets like Time magazine, ABC News, and breitbart, have all documented CAIR’s role leading these disgusting protests.

They are a terrorist organization and need to be treated as such.