Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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BREAKING: Netanyahu Drops BOMBSHELL Revelation About Obama & Iran… THIS IS CHILLING!

Horrifying Video Reveals Obama’s Chilling Plot Against America

Was this the real reason he became president??

The video at the bottom of this page says it all… Obama’s father was a Shiite Muslim and today, he’s known as the savior of Iran! If you look at the facts, can you conclude anything except that Obama’s whole goal as president was to strengthen and empower Iran so that they could take over the world???

Consider this:

Since the 70’s, radicals in Iran have been marching in the street chanting, “Death to America”

They consider America to be the “Great Satan”

Before he left office, as part of the “Nuclear Deal” that he and idiot Secretary of State John Kerry “negotiated,” Obama sent Iran $ in cash!! Why would he do that???

And last night on Hannity, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu educated Americans on what the deal really means… Basically, Iran agreed to not make a bomb now in exchange for making 100’s of bombs 10 years from now! By that time, they will have ICBM’S, which are missiles that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads and reaching the United States from Iran.

Chicago, New York, Dallas, Atlanta… all cities will be within range of Iran’s missiles!

When you look at the evidence and all of his “achievements” in office, doesn’t it become very clear that Obama’s whole purpose was to honor his radical father, strengthen Iran, and bring down America???

What do you think?

Please spread this story like wildfire so more people can see the mess that Trump inherited and why it’s so important to back him at this critical time in our country’s history!