Friday, June 22, 2018
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Airport Custom Agents DEFY Judge’s Orders On Muslim Ban

Following President Trump’s order on temporarily banning immigrants coming into America from 7 possible terrorist-threat countries, liberals nationwide immediately went on to protest and attack Trump as racist. The liberals thought they finally won over Trump after a federal Judge in New York made a decision to block the executive order. The judge ruled that authorities could not remove individuals from airports who had arrived after the order had been issued.

Unfortunately for these liberals, the custom agents are backing President Trump 100%, and in a move that is driving the liberals INSANE, they are “willfully ignoring” the liberal judge’s orders.

From Freedom DailyThe ACLU is getting “multiple reports” that federal customs agents are siding with President Trump — and willfully ignoring a Brooklyn federal judge’s demand that travelers from seven Muslim countries not be deported from the nation’s airports.

Immediately after the liberals found out about this, thousands of them  “stood in solidarity” with Muslims wanting to come into America. It is interesting that they are backing potential terrorists, but are holding up signs expressing their hate for President Trump and their love for the “Muslim neighbors.”

After dozens of reports stating the ISIS’ main tactic is sneaking into Western countries disguised as refugees, the liberals still decide to protect them. Obviously, they are not aware of the situation yet, but continue to attack the President’s temporary ban as “bigoted” and “racist”.