Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Hell Yes…Trey Gowdy Just Crushed Nasty Libs

It  is truly pathetic and sad how the few remaining elected members of the failing Democratic party in Senate and congress keep relentlessly attacking our nation’s democratically elected President Donald Trump, instead of trying to work with him.

After all, since they are in the minority, they are powerless to get anything accomplished themselves, so it is in their best interests to try to play ball with Trump. Instead, they just make a show of dismissing him in knee jerk fashion, which was the case once again with his recent acclaimed speech. Fortunately, Republican Congressman didn’t flinch in setting these nasty liberals straight.

The worst part of the Democrats’ immature display of “resistance” at Trump’s speech in front of the joint session of Congress was the group of Democrats who all decided to show up wearing the same colors as a sign of unity against Trump.

Quipped Gowdy about these idiot, “I thought I was at a wedding for part of the night because the Democrats were dressed in white.” About Trump’s speech itself, Gowdy remarked that it was “very different” from Obama’s speeches. He praised Trump’s tone in his speech, calling it “persuasive and conciliatory.”

However, he remarked that Trump did a very good job of staying consistent with the promises he made during his campaign, much unlike Obama. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina seconded Gowdy’s assessment, saying, “For the first time since I have been in Congress. I feel like we have a president who talks to the American people instead of lecturing them.” Do you agree with Gowdy and Duncan?