Saturday, June 23, 2018
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President Trump Is Shrinking The Federal Government

President Donald Trump built his campaign on the promise to “drain the swamp,” and that’s exactly what this country needs. America has been harmed severely, and now the President got his chance to mend the situation. Democrats accused him of being a “fake” conservative, but President Trump is a successful businessman, and he knows the way things develop in that area. Now he’s planning to shred the plumped federal government workforce.

Republicans conceived the idea of scaling down the government, but none of them managed to turn the idea into a real plan. Washington Post wrote on the topic, and if any of that is true, Democrats are doomed:


President Trump’s budget proposal this week would shake the federal government to its core if enacted, culling back numerous programs and expediting a historic contraction of the federal workforce.

This would be the first time the government has executed cuts of this magnitude — and all at once — since the drawdown following World War II, economists and budget analysts said. (…)

According to an economic analysis by Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody’s Analytics, the reductions outlined so far by Trump’s advisers would reduce employment in the region by 1.8 percent and personal income by 3.5 percent, and lower home prices by 1.9 percent.

This is absolutely a reason to cheer up. But, now the Congress should make the next move, and authorize the budged. You’re already guessing what Democrats will do now.

Even some Republicans terrify that this plan won’t work. Now we can see who works for the good of all Americans, and who got the position just to defend their interests.

What do you think about this decision? Will Democrats protest against it? Do you think they will allow the President to achieve his goal, and keep his promises?