Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Melania And Barron Will Be Moving into The White House

According to TMZ, President Donald Trump’s wife and youngest son — who turned 11 on Monday — will move to the presidential residence this summer.

This came after widespread reports that Melania and Barron would stay in their New York City residence at Trump Tower throughout President Trump’s time in office.

Sources said the duo were “absolutely moving after the school year.” Previous reports had said Melania and Barron preferred to stay in New York City because of Barron’s life and schooling.

However, the mainstream media found out that the first lady had already found a school in Washington, D.C., that suited her son.

Adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff responded to a report in US Weekly that said that the first lady wasn’t quite sure whether or not to make the big move.

Mrs. Trump will be moving to D.C. and settling into the White House at the end of the school year, splitting her time between New York and D.C. in the meantime,” Wolkoff said.

According to The Hill, Melania will have a very specific role at The White House