Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Sen. Al Franken Made A Complete Fool Of Himself During The Gorsuch Hearing

I don’t mean to be rude, but if you voted for Sen. Al Franken, you should probably undergo a psychiatric evaluation, because this man has no business in Congress.

At one point during the hearing, Franken asked Gorsuch about how Republicans treated Obama’s SCOTUS nominee Merrick Garland. (I personally think they did him a favor. How much would it have sucked to go through these hearings for nothing?)

Gorsuch declined to answer, telling Franken he has a “canon of ethics” that prevents him from getting political. Franken couldn’t handle it.

“There is a reason why judges don’t clap at the State of the Union, and why I can’t even attend a political caucus in my home state to register a vote in the equivalent of a primary,” Gorsuch said.

Franken, visibly frustrated, decided to lecture Gorsuch on what’s “like, in the Constitution,” which is HILARIOUS.

“I think you’re allowed to talk about what happened to the last guy that was nominated in your position,” Franken said. “You’re allowed to say something without getting involved in politics. You can express an opinion on this.”

 “Senator, I appreciate the invitation, but I know the other side has their views of this, and your side has your views of it. That, by definition, is politics. And Senator, judges have to stay outside of politics,” Gorsuch responded.

“I think the world of Merrick Garland,” Gorsuch added. “I think he’s an outstanding judge.”

Franken continued to act like a first class jackhole, and some say they caught Gorsuch rolling his eyes. It begins around the 50 second mark.

Is it an eyeroll? You be the judge. (I totally think it is, and I want someone to make it into a gif ASAP.)

I’m amazed by Gorsuch’s restraint.  He actually had to take Franken seriously. I doubt the rest of us would be able to maintain Gorsuch’s level of professionalism.