Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Limbaugh Reveals Truth What Really Happened With Obamacare Vote, Paul Ryan Will Hate It [Details]

Some mindless liberals have been crowing about their supposed “victory” in that Republicans decided to pull the plug on their efforts to replace ticking time bomb Obamacare with a bill that many considered to also be deeply flawed and problematic.

However, conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh takes a longer view of the political world, and has a far savvier take on the behind the scenes workings of the political world. He recently explained the dynamics at work with the Republicans’ health care more, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan definitely won’t like hearing what Rush has to say.

Rush added more fuel to serious speculation that Ryan has been trying to trap Trump to take him down. Stated Rush, “I’m just speculating here, since that seems to be the most popular sport in Washington these days, so let me play. It could well be that Ryan wants Trump to fail, wants Trump to bomb out, so lets him come in and take control of when the vote’s gonna be.”

 Continued Limbaugh, “I don’t know if Ryan’s part of this, I’m just telling you, the Capitol Hill establishment, the Washington establishment, the drive-by media will be happier than they’ve ever been if they can write the story that Trump has bombed out, that Trump has failed, that Trump can’t accomplish, because he doesn’t know the system and he’s been humiliated and embarrassed.”

He added, “Trump cannot be allowed to win. That’s number one in terms of the media. That’s also number one for many on Capitol Hill and many within the Washington establishment: lobbying groups, special interest groups, some think tanks. It’s just unacceptable for Trump to win. Trump shouldn’t be there. He’s an outsider. I’m not even sure President Trump realizes just how widely opposed he is by the establishment: Capitol Hill, Republicans and Democrats alike. Do you think Rush is right about Trump and establishment figures like Paul Ryan?