Monday, October 22, 2018
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ISIS Gets ENORMOUS Wake Up Call With World’s Most Powerful Conventional Bomb

The United States is still working overtime in Afghanistan in order to eliminate the threat of ISIS and their terrorist ilk.

While Afghanistan has been off of the average citizen’s radar for some time, U.S. troops are still very much in operation there, working day and night to incapacitate the evil that is ISIS.  The fighting is not easy, and the enemy is not conventional.  Perhaps that’s why our military has taken to using slightly less conventional weaponry to destroy the terroristic evildoers.

And by unconventional, we simply mean the world’s most powerful non-atomic bomb.

“The U.S. dropped a bomb containing 11 tons of explosives on an ISIS cave complex in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on the border with Pakistan on Thursday, a Pentagon spokesman confirmed to CBS News’ David Martin.

“The bomb is officially called a GBU-43 or Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB), leading to its nickname as the ‘mother of all bombs.’ The weapon is the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal and has never before been used in combat.

“The Afghanistan strike had been in the works for a number of months, Martin reports. The weapon was brought into Afghanistan specifically for this mission.”


Given the international conflicts that the U.S. has been involved in this week alone, countries such as Syria, Russia, and North Korea have surely taken notice of the use of this weapon.

The use of the MOAB reiterates our nation’s commitment to the military might and cutting edge technology that have been hallmarks of our armed forces for decades.  There may not have been a better time to finally unveil the power of the MOAB, given the precarious situations unfolding all across the globe.