Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Breaking: I’ts Prison Time ….Top Democrat Caught Leaking Classified Intelligence

The corruption of Democrats remains a sticking point in the opening months of Trump’s presidency, even if the mainstream media refuses to report on it.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch have filed an official complaint, asking for the Chair and co-Chair of the House Intelligence Committee to investigate members Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier. These are two of California’s most notorious Democrats. (via Judicial Watch)

The complaint argues that the Democrat members of the House Intelligence Committee have “disclosed classified information to the public in violation of House ethics rules.” This is just another example of the corruption running rampant through our great capital.

The knowing disclosure of classified information carries a maximum penalty of ten years behind bars. That is a light penalty for this awful corruption. Like I have said many times, we need to hold politicians to a higher standard.


Adam Schiff and Jackie Speier were caught with their feet in their mouths after they attempted the political assassination of Chairman of the committee, Devin Nunes.

Nunes was attacked by his Democrat peers and liberal activists after holding a press conference confirming that President Trump was monitored by members of the Obama administration during the campaign. The mainstream media hates to tell the truth about Mr. Nunes.

The allegations were confirmed after Nunes made the statement, and after it was proven that former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, unethically released the names of members of the Trump transition team.

Nunes decided to brief the president with what he considered important information. He was attacked by Democrats for undermining the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russia.

Since Nunes had the gall to work with the President, Democrats complained that he was too close to Trump to investigate possible collusion with Russia. They also alleged that, by holding the press conference, Nunes violated ethics rules of disclosing classified information.

Noting the obvious contradiction, Judicial Watch provided proof that Schiff and Speier were both guilty of disclosing classified information. In fact, their disclosures were even more damaging than the so-called Nunes “controversy,” as they directly confirmed the leaked information was accurate — something even James Comey has refused to do.

Essentially, in attempting to oust Nunes for turning against the Democrat’s narrative, Democrats were caught red-handed committing an even more egregious violation than the accusations directed towards Nunes.

Of course, this reality will be completely lost on the press, who have dedicated themselves to a full-fledged attack on Donald Trump, and the millions of Trump supporters across the country.