Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Special Report:What Happened At Bill and Loretta’s “Secret” Meeting

This is a game changer. Liberals will not recover from this blow. This is the end. This is the moment the air will go out of the anti-Trump balloon and the democrats will settle in for 8 years of futile resistance. This is the moment they lost all hope. The moment they turn on each other like cannibals.


A New York Times report claimed that FBI Director James Comey made the choice to reveal that he was re-opening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because he suspected Attorney General Loretta Lynch was covering up for her.

And… because an email found by Russian hackers seemed to support those suspicions.

According to Breitbart, the Times’ investigative report suggests that a U.S. intelligence agency managed to intercept some of what Russian hackers were stealing — and that one document, “described as both a memo and an email, was written by a Democratic operative who expressed confidence that Ms. Lynch would keep the Clinton investigation from going too far.”


According to the report, Comey feared that Lynch, who insisted the Clinton probe be referred to as a “matter” and not as an “investigation,” would declare the case closed, and then Russian hackers would leak the document to undermine the FBI’s image of independence.

The Times notes: “Mr. Comey’s defenders regard this as one of the untold stories of the Clinton investigation, one they say helps explain his decision-making.”

Remember, if a local news reporter in Phoenix didn’t catch Lynch meeting with former President Bill Clinton, she could have helped Hillary even more than she did.

Comey’s letter to Congress about the re-opening of the investigation was revealed on October 28 and it changed the race.

Leaked emails destroyed Clinton but don’t forget if they didn’t collude to screw Bernie there would have been nothing to leak.


Except, according to the Times, a hacked document stolen by Russians that could have proven collusion between the former Attorney General and the Democrats to keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign alive. If this is true the Russian conspiracy theory crumbles and in fact makes the case that if anyone could have been blackmailed by Putin, it was Hillary.