Saturday, November 17, 2018
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YOU MUST READ: This is Trey Gowdy Newest Project, It’s Unbelievable

Trey Gowdy shares his newest project with Tucker Carlson. You won’t believe what it is. Trey Gowdy has been assigned to be one of the head investigators behind figuring out whether or not President Trump has ever colluded with Russia.

“So it does seem in light of the foreign policy developments of the past month or so, where the United States has assumed a hostile posture toward Russia, that most people have kinda decided y’know, how would Trump be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin when he and Putin are so at odds. So why given that, is this going forward?” asked Tucker Carlson.

“Well, I think some of the folks initially who thought that was the motive behind, you have to accept as accurate that Donald Trump colluded and coordinated with the Russians and that they had a motive to help him. So all of those assumptions had to be made before you can then say, ‘but he’s taken a more belligerent stance towards Russia, therefore that must not be true,’ explained Gowdy.


“I start at ground zero. What happened in 2016, whether it was Russia or another foreign actor, did they try to interfere with our election, what was our response in 2016? Not two months ago, 2016, what did we know, what did we do about it?” asked Gowdy.

“The felonious dissemination of classified material to me is always relevant. Whether it’s in the headlines or not, it’s always important. And the issue of unmasking is important,” said Gowdy. He went on to explain that the investigation was being led by three Republicans and three Democrats. Check out the interview below.