Friday, June 22, 2018
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BREAKING: Washington Post Just Accidentally EXPOSED Obama’s Deep State Spy

We know that the Washington Post has a bad habit of posting FAKE NEWS stories. Their latest story regarding Trump proves not only that they will buy anything, but that their intentions are FAR from pure.


They recently put up a story making the BOLD claim that President Trump revealed highly classified information regarding terrorist threats to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, and the Russian ambassador, per Fox News. The problem here is that the WaPo told on themselves in their article. They gave out too much information, which proves that someone high up in the intelligence community is the leaker



The Left will bend over backward to try and make President Trump look bad. Their behavior honestly brings a brand new meaning to the word “pathetic.”


Considering that the person who leaked info to the WaPo was OBVIOUSLY someone high up, there is a lot to worry about. They have proven to us that they do not care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Liberals only seem to care about their agenda, and doing what they need to do to further that agenda, without looking at the bigger picture of what’s going on with us as a COUNTRY.


The leftist government agents have no regard for anyone else. SOMEONE is whispering in their ear, and we need to find out who it is so that they can be dealt with appropriately. Stirring the pot with lies is only going to cause more trouble for them.


The truth is something that is not subjective. You cannot adjust the truth to suit your agenda. If they think we are stupid enough to not get to the bottom of this, they have another thing coming.

It might take some time to unravel the mystery, but the core is still intact. We WILL discover who is participating in this treasonous behavior.


Trump is working, almost methodically, through each one of the intelligence agencies. He is doing a house cleaning that was well overdue. We suspect that during his cleaning he is going to come across the person or people responsible for whispering lies into the ears of the WaPo and other leftist agencies. There is no concern for the consequences this could have on our country — they are just SO focused on driving President Trump out.

They are in for a rude awakening. President Trump is not going anywhere. He has proven to be one of the most transparent presidents that we have had in years. Trump knows that the media is out to get him, and he is not even going to let them under his skin.

The longer they keep putting information out, the closer he is going to get to unmasking them. Once their identity is finally exposed, they are going to wish that they would have kept their heads in their cubicles and left our Democratic system alone.

We expect, at the rate Trump is going, that we will have some answers shortly. We cannot wait to see the intelligence rat finally exposed!