Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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The democrats have been trying to get rid of Trump since the day he announced his candidacy. We all remember that glorious moment when he rode down the escalator and right into the hearts of millions of Americans.


He came out firing, ripping the establishment for failing America, for selling us out. Whether on illegal immigration or horrible trade deals, in Trump we finally had a candidate who would stick up for us.

The liberals and the republicans of the swamp Trump would drain hated him for it and have been out to get him ever since.

While we expected the democrats to try any means necessary, we never expected republicans to join them so easily and so readily. It is a disgrace, to be honest.

The first republican to come out and say the magic impeachment words is… Justin AmASH

The Hill caught up with Amash and asked him a gotcha question and he fell into their trap. They asked him if the charges in the memo would be impeachable offenses (if they are true) and Amash replied:

“Yes. But everybody gets a fair trial in this country.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement… with friends like these…
Geraldo Rivera and Donald Trump Jr. immediately jumped all over the guy and reminded him simply asking to go easy on a guy who had been fired, discredited and had his career ruined is not obstruction… it’s compassion.

And that is not impeachable. Sorry libs.