Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Look What President Trump Did For Our Service Members After he Deplaned

Moments ago, we reported on a story that President Trump has found a lot of support in our service members on his arrival in Phoenix, Arizona. This time, it is a story for the other way around.

At the moment when President Trump landed in Arizona, he stepped out of the Air Force One, and immediately went on to salute to his great service members. President Trump has once again proved that he truly loves and respects our military. Watch the incredible moment when Trump shook the hands of every single service member waiting for his arrival.


This proves one thing – President Trump is a true American.

While many readers might find this offensive, but, in comparison, former President Obama walked by them like ‘they didn’t exist.’

Let’s take this footage for an example:


That’s not all.


POTUS Trump always speaks to the Marines when he has an opportunity. He greets and he pats them on the back with “you’re doing a good job…” After all it has to lift their spirits after what they went through for 8 years.

It’s simply, POTUS Trump loves the military, loves our citizens and most of all LOVES AMERICA!

This is yet another example of how unfairly Trump is treated by the MSM, and how they praised Obama for all his actions.

Let’s spread a word and share this with every Trump supporter you know! The difference between Trump and Obama has to get out!