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Fatal Blow! You Won’t Believe What Federal Judge Takes Away From Senate Democrats, Schumer Is Furious

The U.S. Senate is about has firmly isolated as could be expected under the circumstances. The Republicans hold the chamber with a 52-48 greater part. As a matter of fact, things are somewhat better in that if a vote goes 50-50, Vice-President Pence can vote with the Republicans to break the tie. This ends up plainly vital on the grounds that, as it has been agonizingly certain, not the majority of the Republicans are in agreement on significant legislation.

The Republicans have grabbed another numerical favorable position as Democratic Senator Menendez is in the “penalty box” for some time, in this manner lessening the quantity of Democrats accessible for votes by one. The congressperson is standing trial for corruption, and the judge directing is unwilling to enable him to leave the trial for periodic votes. That leaves Mr. Menendez out of the diversion until further notic

“The judge in New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez’s corruption trial denied multiple requests from the Senator this week – a decision that could impede his ability to cast votes in the Senate and help the Republicans’ efforts to pass legislation on Donald Trump’s agenda.

“Menendez’s defense team made three requests Tuesday in a corruption trial. One request was to postpone the trial on the days when the Senate would hold key votes so that the senator could attend and deliver his vote. Another was to explain to the jury why the senator would be gone on those days of voting. A third was to delay the start of the trial until after the fall.

“U.S. District Court Judge William H. Walls denied all three requests. “

Looking past the present issue of Menendez missing key Senate votes is the issue of whether he will ever return. On the off chance that indicted, he would be headed to jail and would need to empty his seat. That would likewise help the Republicans.

“Menendez faces 12 charges relating to accusations that he has traded political favors for lavish gifts. He could face a lengthy prison sentence if he was convicted on all 12 charges. In addition, if Menendez is forced to abandon his Senate seat, the New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie would appoint his replacement, giving the GOP another vote. “

It may not be the favored method for picking up an extra vote advantage in the Senate, yet with the Senate as firmly isolated as it seems to be, and with RINOs as yet running free on the Republican side of the passageway, it’s leverage the Republicans should benefit as much as possible from.

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