Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Obama Just Demanded $1.1 Million Annually From Taxpayers For This Laughable Reason

Barrack Hussein Obama, was not the best economical or cost effective president while he was in office. In fact… He was quite bad. But how would it make you feel if he wanted $1.1 million of your taxes for something that is just laughable?

Now, if your thinking that it is for some meaningful purpose or good use… you are sadly mistaken.

That’s right. The Daily Mail reports, He wants 8,000 feet of office space plus a pension. He will now officially take the role as ‘America’s most expensive ex-president’. Also he will pass George W. Bush’s by $100,000 a year.


His Washington D.C. office alone costs $536,000 in annual rent, filling 8,198 rooms, and being overall extraordinary and pricey.

Ex-presidents are entitled to an office and a staff after their time is up as president. However, former president Jimmy Carter proves to us that it’s not that hard to cool your budget.

Carter’s Atlanta-based office has a budget of just $456,000. Looks like Obama could learn a loot from Jimmy Carter.

Former president George H.W. Bush is requesting $942,000. Obama will remain in D.C. while Sasha finishes up school.

Clinton also has 8,300 square feet in Harlem. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what are they even doing? Sounds like they just need big offices to work for the Democratic party and try to keep their agenda going.

We all know your game Obama, we will share this out everywhere we can and expose you for wasting hard-working people’s money.

(h/t) Daily Mail