Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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REST IN PEACE: Moments After FOX Fired Eric Bolling, Something TRAGIC Happened

Today is a very sad day for Eric Bolling and his once thriving family. Just yesterday he learned he was being fired from his job at FOX News over allegations of decades of sexual harassment by employees and guests alike.

However, that firing pales in comparison of what happened to the Bolling family today. Just literally HOURS after Bolling learned his fate, his 19-year-old son Committed Suicide.

According to reports from TMZ Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase was heartbroken by the controversy around his dad. One Fox News Source told them he had been EXTREMELY embarrassed and “emotionally upset” by the case.

There has still been no trial against Bolling. He has not had his day in court yet. However, this is the kind of DANGEROUS effect the “shaming-culture” in American media has.

Yes, if Eric Bolling did sexually harass women with dick pics, he deserved to be fired. If he raped any of them, he should go to jail. Nobody disagrees on that.

What we DO disagree on is the extreme mental health damage that these public shamings has on their targets. This is not an “unfortunate consequence”. The Mainstream media does this intentionally. They pick a target and then laugh as they watch him/her burn.

Bolling still has the support of his FOX News friends like Sean Hannity and Geraldo Rivera, as well as unexpected support from Don Lemon, who tried to comfort their former co-worker in his time of need:

This is not about the Sexual Harassment or even the destructive tendencies of the media. This is about the mourning of a 19-year-old who loved his dad and was heartbroken to see what they did to him.

God Bless Eric Bolling and his wife in their time of need.