Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Hillary was Humiliated After Signing a Book…in Costco

In Brookfield, Connecticut Rebel Media reporter Laura Loomer made an appearance at a Costco. This is the same Costco Hillary went to in Brookfield on Saturday.

Why was Hillary there? Hillary went to sign 1,000 copies of her bullshit book called “What Happened.”

The Gateway Pundit broke the story about Loomer and the public’s reaction to the Hillary Clinton appearance.

Instead of residing in the White House as the ruler of the free world, Hillary is sitting next to gallons of milk signing books about her failed presidential campaign.

As it turns out the cops on the scene told Laura Loomer that they couldn’t allow her into the Costco because of orders from the CIA.



Why did they not want her in there?

Loomer went to Hillary’s book signing at Union Square in New York City. She asked a question we all want to know, “what happened to your 33,000 emails?” She was asked to leave by the Secret Service from asking a simple question.

Seems like the Secret Service is wasting far more money this year because they have to protect Hillary during her fiction book tour. With all of that fantasy, she could write a Game of Thrones style book.