Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Fusion GPS Partner Refuses the 5th, Strikes Deal to Testify

Less than a month after two Fusion GPS co-founders pleaded the fifth and refused to testify to the House Intelligence Committee regarding the Trump-Russian dossier, a third co-founder has agreed to answer questions from the committee next week.

The testimony of Glenn Simpson, a former journalist who helped commission the Russia dossier with allegations of collusion by President Donald Trump’s top aides, was offered as part of a deal between the committee and Fusion GPS, according to CNN.

The committee had issued a subpoena for Simpson’s testimony, but in exchange for his voluntary appearance, the committee agreed to withdraw the subpoena.

Joshua Levy, an attorney for Fusion GPS, explained that Simpson had agreed to testify after the committee agreed to the certain conditions.

“Mr. Simpson will be appearing voluntarily, he will tell the truth, the subpoena will be withdrawn, and he will be able to maintain Fusion GPS’ privileges and honor its legal obligations,” Levy said. “Through a voluntary interview, he has the ability to appear with counsel, to assert privileges and to answer questions that he chooses to answer.”

The committee had also subpoenaed bank records from Fusion GPS, which subsequently filed an injunction in court to try to stop the release of those documents.

The battle of those records was not impacted by Simpson’s agreement to testify.

Last month, other Fusion GPS co-founderes Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catán were subpoenaed to appear before the House panel, but invoked their constitutional right not to answer questions.

The committee has been searching for answers regarding who paid Fusion for the 35-page dossier, compiled by British spy Christopher Steele, that outlined Trump’s alleged interactions with Russians during his campaign.

We already know that the firm was hired by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to collect damaging information about Trump, although they have maintained that they did not direct Steele’s activities in regards to the dossier, according to The Washington Post.

Though, who really believes that?

We’re talking about the same people who colluded to ensure that Clinton won the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination and then lied about it.

Hopefully, the testimony of this Fusion co-founder will paint a clearer picture of what exactly went on behind the scenes of the dossier, and just how much collusion was taking place between Russia, Clinton and the DNC.