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BREAKING! Bill Clinton Caught…He sought State’s permission to meet with Russian nuclear official during Obama uranium decision

As he prepared to collect a $500,000 payday in Moscow in 2010, Bill Clinton sought clearance from the State Department to meet with a key board director of the Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom — which at the time needed the Obama administration’s approval for a controversial uranium deal, government records show. Arkady Dvorkovich, a

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John McCain EXPLODES on Reporter When Asked if He’s Intentionally Blocking Trump’s Agenda

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) became visibly angry when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked him if his relationship with President Donald Trump has become “so frayed” that he would refuse to support anything the president is trying to accomplish. He snapped at Doocy, saying, “Why would you say something that stupid?

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