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This can’t be good…North Korea Bangs the War Drums With the Big Threat It Just Made to the US Mainland

On Saturday, the United States flew bombers escorted by fighter jets near the Korean peninsula. The military aircrafts' flight was the closest it's been to the DMZ in the 21st century. The operation was a show of force against North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, as he continues his missile tests. “The mission is a demonstration

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Kim Jong Un Insulted Donald Trump And Taught America A New Word At The Same Time

President Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un “rocket man” earlier this week, and now the North Korean dictator has returned fire. Kim gave Trump a nickname of his own ― and it’s one that sent Americans scrambling for a dictionary. “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged dotard with fire,” Kim said in a statement

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Denzel Washington Hears Actors Complain, Sets Them Straight With 5 Conservative Words

Denzel Washington is a highly successful actor who isn’t afraid to tell Hollywood elitists the bold truth or expose hypocrisies in the liberal narrative. As pointed out by Informed Folks, Hollywood actors seem to assume their jobs are the most important, noteworthy and difficult. During a Dec. 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Washington reminded

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