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Just 11 Days Before the Election, Israel Sends Incredible Message to Donald Trump! WHOA

America is supporting Donald Trump, and his message to clean up the corrupt federal government is winning over millions of voters. It’s a refreshing message, and Trump’s conservative vision is why he earned more votes than any Republican primary candidate in history! In fact, Trump is so popular, his support is world-wide. Here’s

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‘If this goes viral, Trump will win’: Michael Moore leaves internet dazed, confused and on fire

If you make this go viral, Trump will win. It's 4 minutes that makes the choice in this election crystal clear.#EarlyVoting pic.twitter.com/UOgqSfet6a — Jared Wyand ?? (@JaredWyand) October 25, 2016 A video excerpt from liberal Michael Moore is taking the internet by storm. But it’s not Moore’s loyal fans singing his praises for a passionate political

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