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Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Tell Donald Trump They’ll ‘Work With Him’ On Key Economic Issues

During his unorthodox Republican presidential campaign, Donald Trump at times touted his support for longtime progressive causes, promising to reform trade deals, invest in infrastructure, reinstate a key Depression-era financial regulation and combat political corruption. Now, some of Trump’s harshest progressive critics are offering their support for the president-elect on

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LOCK THEM UP…THIS IS DISGUSTING What Obama Just Promised Hillary Will Make You VOMIT

**THIS IS DISGUSTING The White House just made an announcement that will make every American sick to their stomach. Obama’s Press Secretary, Josh earnest was asked if the President was considering a pardon for Hillary, and his response is shocking. (Video Below). Earnest said,  “The president has offered clemency to a substantial number of

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WHOA! This Google Map Just EXPOSED The #1 Reason Hillary Lost **MEDIA REFUSES TO SHOW IT

**NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE** The Hillary campaign and their lapdogs in the media spent the entire election day talking about “exit polls” that claimed to show Americans rejecting Trump’s immigration proposals, and supporting Hillary’s open-borders plan. Well we just looked into the Google numbers showing what topics voters were searching for in the

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