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HA HA This is GREAT! “TOO EARLY”Sorry Hillary but this time America has spoken!

The Gateway Pundit reported a video showing Hillary, Bill and Chelsea Clinton celebrating “too early” on election night. Polls were showing Hillary winning “easily” but America had a different verdict. YEAH! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGIQLYhMerk Sorry Hillary but this time America has spoken! We want a real Patriot in the White House, someone that will MAKE AMERICA

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WATCH: Here’s the Trump Thanksgiving Message…Media Doesn’t Want You to See

  Two Thanksgiving messages. Two very different angles. President-elect Donald Trump‘s inspiring, uplifting message yesterday focused on uniting Americans and making our country great again; outgoing President Barack Obama used his last Thanksgiving message to discuss tolerance and inclusiveness, as reported by WND. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan, our presidents

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