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This Is Huge:Every Partiot Will Stand Up for America….Trump Gives Notice to the World

President Trump is well-known for his “America First” agenda. And he pushed that same agenda at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Da Nang, Vietnam. Trump made a promise that he and his government will fight “chronic trade abuses” until the problem is no more. The POTUS gave a blood-chilling speech at the summit in

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Report: Trump Unleashes $4 Million Surprise On 3 Sanctuary Cities – They Said He Couldn’t Do It

From the moment President Trump was elected, liberals vowed revenge. Even before he was Inaugurated, liberal strongholds throughout the country took measures to undermine the President. Perhaps the biggest insult to our country has come in the form of sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. These cities and states refuse to cooperate with

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No regrets: Trump backers say they’d vote for him again, one year after election

President Trump’s supporters say they have no regrets, one year after putting the billionaire businessman into the White House. A POLITICO/Morning Consult poll reports that 82 percent of Trump voters surveyed would vote for him again if they could. The numbers reflect a base that continues to stand by the bomb-throwing commander-in-chief,

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