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Bernie Sanders: “I’m absolutely certain we will close the gap on Hillary Clinton”

Bernie Sanders and his California supporters not only expect to win big in next Tuesday's primary, but say Democrats will not pick their nominee until July's national convention. "It's a floor fight in Philly," said Galen Swain, a semi-retired engineer standing at street corner Santa Cruz on Tuesday hoisting a "Honk

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An Influx Of Voter Registrations In California Means The End For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton could lose the race for Democratic nominee as the focus shifts to California, where an influx of voter registrations threatens to derail her lead over Bernie Sanders. Mr Sanders will be looking to the state to boost his campaign with news of a further 1.5 million people registering to

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Watch: Cenk Uygur Slammed CNN On Their “Fair” Coverage

The Young Turks aren’t secretive about their presidential preference for Bernie Sanders, but Cenk Uygur kicked things up a notch last night when he ripped CNN for congratulating itself on how they’ve covered his campaign effort. In a segment called “Clinton News Network Thinks It’s Been Super Fair To Bernie Sanders,” Uyger pointed

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