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Hillary Clinton is going to “crush” Donald Trump according to a new poll

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has just increased her advantage over Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump according to a new national poll that came out shortly after the real estate mogul became the most obvious Republican nominee. The poll was conducted by CNN/ORC and was released Wednesday morning, and it puts

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Bernie Sanders still going strong: It’s not over!

Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, had a big win on Tuesday and dealt a strong blow to Hillary Clinton in Indiana, which gave his campaign the needed motivation to continue the fight till this summer's Democratic convention. “The Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over,” Sanders said. “They’re wrong. Maybe it’s

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Watch: Bernie Sanders will fight for every delegate

If Hillary Clinton thought that it's going to be much easier from now on, Bernie Sanders has some news for her. Democratic presidential candidate, Vermont sen. Bernie Sanders isn't ready to throw in the towel. Sanders, lagging behind Democratic presidential front-runner Clinton in nominating delegates, is serving notice that he is still pursuing

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